Rio +20: How to move towards “The Future We Want”

The Rio +20, which took place on 20-22 June, indicated once more the need for Sustainable Development, following the same decision made twenty years ago by the Earth Summit. “The Future we want” was characterized as a modest agreement, with no breakthrough points, since no specific action plan for the future has been developed. However one cannot ignore the decision made to set up a high level political forum on sustainable development, to replace the existing Commission on Sustainable Development. What better proof that Sustainable Development is a growing need to be addressed immediately?

However if we want to move towards the implementation of sustainable development, various questions need to be answered.

  • What sustainable development and sustainability really mean?
  • What issues do they entail?
  • How can organizations prioritize and address these issues?
  • How are outcomes measured?
  • What are the benefits for organizations and society?

 If you want to answer these questions, join our IEMA Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner training in Brussels, 11&12 October 2012. Companies such as Lloyds banking Group, HSBC, Eurobank EFG, Coca Cola, Heineken, McCain, Gaea, Papaellinas, Nestle, Genesis Farma, BP, Oil Tanking, H. Petroleum, Cyta, European Investment Bank, Eurochambres, Vinci, Regency Entertainment SA, Vitex, Ernst&Young, Unilever UK, NV Bekaert, have already trusted us!


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